Week 2: Waiver Wire Steals

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Sure, Kerwynn Williams is a no-brainer with the devastating injury to David Johnson, but let’s be realistic.  Everyone in your league is going to be chomping at the bits for Williams as soon as the waiver wire opens Tuesday morning, like a pack of hyenas waiting on a lone wildebeest, a wildebeest who’s surely tastier than most and could potentially lead them to fantasy greatness.  Good news for you though is that there is more than one waiver wire wildebeest grazing in the NFL’s Astroturf savanna.

Jordan Howard is clearly the workhorse back in Chicago.  Their “Golden Goose,” per say.  However, it would still be wise to stash Howard’s backup, Tarik Cohen.  While Cohen only had 5 carries, he made the most of it, with 66 rushing yards.  Cohen not only was effective on the ground, he also notched 47 yards and 1TD on 8 receptions.  Keep your eyes PEELED in Chicago.


Cooper Kupp.  I know, it would make much more sense if his parents spelled his first name with a “K.”  However, his parents did do one thing right, and that is breed a finely tuned NFL wide out, with the potential of blossoming into a beautiful fantasy hero.  Granted, he did play against a pretty awful Colt’s secondary.  Kupp still put up some impressive numbers, and showed great potential being one of the Ram’s only options at WR.  Kupp had 4 receptions for 76 yards, and was able to find the end zone in a convincing Rams’ victory.  Kupp would be a great addition to any team, solely based upon the amount of legendary fantasy team names you could graciously introduce to your league.  “Two Girls, One Cooper Kupp” perhaps?

While I do not believe in Blake Bortles.  At all.  I do believe in Leonard Fournette.  It is for that reason, that I recommend scooping up Allen Hurns if you are in need of a WR.  Fournette was quite successful on the ground against one of the better defenses in the league, and I do not expect that to change as the year goes on.  With Fournette having success on the ground that opens up things in the air for the Jags, and with Allen Robinson out for the year, look for Allen Hurns to the main beneficiary of whatever passes Blake Bortles can complete.

My fourth, and final waiver wire recommendation comes from the Oakland Raiders.  I love what Derek Carr has cookin’ in that Oakland oven with his new TE, Jared Cook.  Carr seemed to be completely in sync with Cook, who hauled in all 5 of his targets for 56 yards.  With Oakland relying heavily on the pass, look for Carr and the new Oakland TE to Cook up a TE1 type season.

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