Week 2: Dirty Dancing & 69


We were blessed with our second week of NFL football, and it was quite the doozy.

Image result for tom brady rings

If you were writing off Tom Brady after last week’s game against the Chiefs, you should forget everything you know about the sport of football.  It’s Tom f*ckin Brady.  Tom dazzled in typical Tom fashion, throwing for three touchdowns in the first quarter…the first quarter.  Brady finished the game with 447 passing yards, and connected with Gronk for Gronk’s 69th (Ha) career touchdown.  Gronk ended up leaving the game with a groin injury, but I suspect that this “injury” may have just been a bad case of the giggles after scoring his favorite career touchdown.

Gronk wasn’t the only TE with a milestone touchdown catch today.  Antonio Gates managed to catch his 112th career touchdown, passing Tony Gonzalez for most Touchdown Receptions by a TE.  The “Los Angeles” Chargers did however, end up losing the game to Miami and one of the most hated men in Chicago, Jay Cutler.

After a second week, and a second huge performance from Kareem Hunt against a stout Philly defense, Andy Reid must be Kareeming in his pants.  He loses his star back in Spencer Ware, and then is gifted with a rookie savior who has been absolutely baffling.  Hunt managed to find the end zone for two touchdowns, while chipping in 81 rushing yards today.  BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Image result for marshawn lynch dancing
Washington Post

My how the NFL has missed Marshawn Lynch.  Marshawn made his first game in Oakland one to remember.  Lynch rumbled his way into the end zone to score his first touchdown in a Raider uniform, but that was not the most exciting thing Marshawn did today.  During a timeout in the fourth quarter, Marshawn absolutely got down with his bad self on the sideline, by himself of course, and had the Coliseum ROCKING.  Welcome back, Marshawn.  We have missed you.

It was hard to notice that Ezekiel Elliott actually played today, and wasn’t suspended.  Zeke had hands down the worst game of his young career, with only 8 rushing yards.  Yes, you read that right.  The Cowboys were absolutely spanked by the Broncos today 42-17, and if the NFL’s Suspension Santa, Roger Goodell, has his way Zeke may not be there to bounce back next week at Arizona.

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