The Sole Reason Behind Giants’ Tough Luck

McAdoo is in the hot seat.

The Giants are sporting an 0-5 record, and have now lost possibly the most polarizing player in the league for the rest of the year in Odell Beckham Jr.  Now, we can’t put all the blame on injuries, Ben McAdoo, or Eli Manning.

However…there is one culprit that can shoulder all of the blame.  A culprit that is so gloriously majestic, that it will most definitely bring tears to both players and fans alike, when he finally departs New York.  A culprit that makes mature women swoon and has turned MetLife Stadium into McAdoo’s Temple of Poon.  This culprit is none other than the tantalizing mop, gracing the dome of head coach, Ben McAdoo.  Yes.  I am talking about Ben McAdoo’s new hairdo.


Now, I get it.  That slicked back greaser haircut, paired with that panty dropper mustache are a lethal combo, and McAdoo has every right to flaunt it.  However, the Giants need to desperately do something to snap this bad luck steak, and there is no other solution.

The tough luck that the Giants have ran into on their road to 0-5 this season has been unimaginable.  They lost to the Eagles 24-27 on a 61-yard field goal from the Eagles rookie kicker, Jake Elliott as time expired….A ROOKIE.  If that’s not enough, Odell Beckham Jr. was ruled out for the rest of the year with a fractured left ankle.  Let that sink in.  Cutting the only bright spot on the Giants’ roster may be tough to do, but like putting down Old Yeller, it has to be done.

New York Post

Giants’ fans, start a petition.  Write a strongly worded letter.  Whatever it takes.  Your franchise depends on it.

Ben McAdoo, if you’re reading this, please for the sake of the New York Giants and husband’s everywhere, depart with your majestic mop and bring back the bed head that led the Giants to an 11-5 record only one short season ago.

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