The Royal Prince of KC to San Diego?

Eric Hosmer to the Padres. Perfect fit. 8 years $144 million? You’ve gotta be shitting me. Now while they may have overpaid a bit, an 8 year contract for a slightly above average 28 year old is outrageous.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Hosmer is a great player, and the best available first baseman, but the only way this goes through is because of Hosmer’s super agent, the GOAT…Scott Boras.

Hosmer had a career year last year, and only hit .318 with 25 ding pieces. Sure, he’s a 4x Gold Glover and while that’s mildly impressive, no way it’s worthy of an 8 year deal.

Granted, Hosmer was the Heart and Soul of the Royals. He was there when the Royals were the cellar dwelling armpit of the AL Central, and was king of the castle when the Royals were 2015 World Series Champions. But is that enough to justify 8 years and $144 million? Not a chance.

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