Is Jim Harbaugh on the Hot Seat?

I know.  We’re only one game into the season, how could he possibly be on the Hot Seat?  But hear me out.

Sure, his quirkiness makes him arguably the most marketable coach in all of college football, and the khaki sporting coach helps the University of Michigan rake in an absurd amount of money from endorsements and TV deals.  Harbaugh may also never show signs of nervousness.  This is because he would never indulge in a nervous bird such as chicken, but instead he will devour a steak, and wash it all down with a glass of whole milk.

Forget the quirks though.  The numbers do not lie against Harbaugh.  Since he took over the reigns at his alma mater in 2015, the Wolverines have finished no higher than third place in the Big 10 East, and have lost back to back bowl games.  After the embarrassing loss to Notre Dame last night, he is now 0-4 on the road against ranked opponents.  Harbaugh’s combined record against rivals Michigan State and Ohio State is 1-5.  This is a tough pill to swallow for Michigan fans, who watched as their team crumbled on national television against the rival Fighting Irish last night.

Coming off of an 8-5 record last year, if the Wolverines have another disappointing year Michigan fans will be calling for Jim Harbaugh’s head.  It would almost be impossible for Harbaugh to keep the reigns at such a storied program.  If this disappointing year comes, and Harbaugh is still the head coach of the Wolverines, it only proves that the University of Michigan values marketability over wins.

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