Why the Steelers Should Not Worry About Le’Veon Bell

If I am the Pittsburgh Steelers, I do not worry about getting Le’Veon Bell back.  Yes, Juice is good at football.  Yes, “Shrimp Bayless” was pure fire.  But is the rappin’ athlete really worth the headache?

Forget Terrell Owens, Le’Veon Bell is the biggest diva that the National Football League has ever seen.  Le’Veon has been one of the top running backs in the league the past few years, but it seems that there is ALWAYS some off the field drama going on with him.  Flashback to 2015, when Bell was suspended two games for a “marijuana-related arrest.”  In 2016, Le’Veon is suspended again for four games this time because he skipped a drug test.  Let’s not forget about 2017, when Le’Veon held out until September.  Here we are in 2018,  it is officially Week 2 and Le’Veon Bell is still shitting on his teammates and the City of Pittsburgh by not reporting to the team.  Like I said….Every.  Single.  Year.

Though even when Le’Veon Bell has not played, the Pittsburgh Steelers have still excelled at the running back position.  When Bell sat out in 2015 due to suspension and injuries, the Steelers plugged veteran back DeAngelo Williams into the starting role.  In these games, Williams averaged 112 yards from scrimmage per game, compared to Bell’s 119 yards in the same season.  In 2016 when Bell was again suspended, DeAngelo Williams led the NFL in rushing yards through the first two weeks of the season.  Fast forward to 2018, rookie James Connor runs for 135 yards and two TDs in his debut.

Le’Veon Bell is very talented, but there is no way that he is worth the massive contract that he is after.  You cannot ignore the blatant facts. Any half-decent running back that the Pittsburgh Steelers plug into their high-powered offense will find success.  This is why, if I am the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would not worry about him rejoining the team.

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