Mahomes and the Chiefs are 5-0. So What?

Countless networks, reporters, and fans are already declaring the Kansas City Chiefs AFC Champions.  Let’s pump the brakes.  It’s only Week 6.  Now I get it, Andy Reid and the Chiefs offense are red-hot, but this is nothing new for Andy Reid.

Flashback to 2013, Andy Reid’s first year at the helm of Chief’s Kingdom.  The Chiefs start out with a blistering hot 9-0 record.  They then finish ice-cold and go 2-5 down the stretch, and lose a heartbreaker in the AFC Wildcard Game to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts, before Luck was made of glass.

Let’s go back to just last year.  The Chiefs get off on another hot start and go 5-0 with Alex Smith leading the charge at QB, and then fall off of the face of the Earth and lose six of their next seven.  They then had to go on a four game winning streak, just to make the playoffs.  Eventually losing AGAIN in the Wildcard Game to Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans, who by the way were MASSIVE underdogs.

You can try to make the argument that the 2018 Chiefs are different from teams in the past.  Sure, Patrick Mahomes is much more fun to watch than Alex Smith at the quarterback position, and Mahomes’ Kermit the Frog voice makes interviews pure gold.  However, you can’t overlook the facts.  Hot starts are a reoccurring theme in Kansas City with Andy Reid.  Even with the hot starts, the Chiefs have only won ONE playoff game since 1994.  That is precisely why you should not get too excited about the 2018 Chiefs, just yet.

I’ve been to Chiefs Kingdom.  The fans are great.  BBQ is phenomenal.  Arrowhead is electric, the loudest stadium in the NFL.  I hope that I’m completely wrong, and the 2018 Chiefs are different from past Chiefs teams.  I really do.  But AFC Champions?  I’ll believe it when I see it.


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