Nick Bosa Abandons Ohio State

Your team is 7-0.  You’re ranked second in the nation.  You have a great, great chance of playing in the National Championship Game.  You’re slated to come back from an injury in mid November.  And if you are Nick Bosa, you tell your teammates adios and start prepping for the NFL draft?

Yes, I know that Ohio State got embarrassed by Purdue this week, but that is beside the point. Bosa made his decision before the Boilermakers took the Buckeyes and Urban Meyer to pound town.

Now, I get it.  It’s purely a financial move.  Bosa wants to protect himself from injury, so he can milk an NFL team for as much money as he possibly can come April.  Understandable.  But how can you abandon your teammates?  Guys that you’ve been putting in countless hours with preparing for one goal.  A National Championship.

It doesn’t come as a surprise though, that the younger Bosa Bro puts the dollar sign over his teammates, as it seems to run in the family.  Nick’s older brother, Joey, held out for four weeks, as a ROOKIE, before signing his first NFL contract with the Chargers.

Once Nick gets in the league, the Bosa’s will have some stiff competition with the try-hard Watt Bros for the top defensive family in the league.  Now, while the Watt Brothers may be the biggest tools in the NFL (mostly J.J.) they would never put money above their teammates.  ESPECIALLY, if they had a chance to compete for a National Championship.

Like I said, it is a smart financial move for Nick Bosa.  Bosa is arguably the top DE in the nation, and could potentially be the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft come April.  But if I’m an NFL franchise, the lack of competitiveness this decision shows would knock Bosa down a few spots on my draft board.  Regardless of his health.

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