Harper Not Worth the Money

Call me crazy, but I’m not convinced that Bryce Harper is worth the price tag that he and his superagent, Scott Boras, are asking.  It was reported yesterday that Harper turned down a qualifying offer of 10 years and $300 million from the Nationals this past season.

This bidding war for Harper is going to be one for the record books, with MLB insiders estimating that Harper will be the MLB’s first $400 million man.  Yikes.

How is a guy who batted .249 this past year worth $400 million?  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that Bryce Harper is a great player.  Absolutely phenomenal.  However, the production that a team will receive is not going to be anywhere close to the money that they’ll have to fork over to land him.

You can talk about how many walks Harper takes and his OBP all day, but if I’m a MLB franchise, I’m not shelling out $400 million to a player so he can take walks.  I’m paying him to terrorize opposing pitching staffs by hitting .300, with at least 30 HRs, and producing over 100 RBIs.  Which, if you were wondering, Harper has only done twice over his 7 years in the MLB.

I get it.  Harper is young, polarizing, and very marketable for a franchise.

He’s just not worth the money.

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