Jim Harbaugh Spanked by Urban Meyer…Again

It was open season on Wolverines in Columbus today, and the Ohio State Buckeyes pillaged Jim Harbaugh and the “number one ranked defense” for 62 points and 567 total yards of offense.  All while Michigan fans watched, as their dreams of being in the College Football Playoffs quickly went down the drain.

If you’re a Michigan fan, what else did you expect?  Obviously, you didn’t expect to give up a school record 62 points, but did you really expect the Wolverines to pull off the win?  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Jim Harbaugh is good for television ratings, but he can’t get it done on the football field.

This traumatic loss dropped Harbugh to 0-4 against his father, Urban Meyer, who is now 7-0 against the Wolverines.  Tough pill to swallow if you’re a Michigan fan.



You may want to revisit this past blog that was written after Michigan’s Week 1 loss.  https://rawdogsports.com/2018/09/02/is-jim-harbaugh-on-the-hot-seat/


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