The Royal Prince of KC to San Diego?

Eric Hosmer to the Padres. Perfect fit. 8 years $144 million? You’ve gotta be shitting me. Now while they may have overpaid a bit, an 8 year contract for a slightly above average 28 year old is outrageous. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hosmer is a great player, and the best available first baseman,… Continue reading The Royal Prince of KC to San Diego?

The Sole Reason Behind Giants’ Tough Luck

McAdoo is in the hot seat. The Giants are sporting an 0-5 record, and have now lost possibly the most polarizing player in the league for the rest of the year in Odell Beckham Jr.  Now, we can’t put all the blame on injuries, Ben McAdoo, or Eli Manning. However…there is one culprit that can… Continue reading The Sole Reason Behind Giants’ Tough Luck

Week 2: Dirty Dancing & 69

  We were blessed with our second week of NFL football, and it was quite the doozy. If you were writing off Tom Brady after last week’s game against the Chiefs, you should forget everything you know about the sport of football.  It’s Tom f*ckin Brady.  Tom dazzled in typical Tom fashion, throwing for three… Continue reading Week 2: Dirty Dancing & 69

Week 2: Waiver Wire Steals

Sure, Kerwynn Williams is a no-brainer with the devastating injury to David Johnson, but let’s be realistic.  Everyone in your league is going to be chomping at the bits for Williams as soon as the waiver wire opens Tuesday morning, like a pack of hyenas waiting on a lone wildebeest, a wildebeest who’s surely tastier… Continue reading Week 2: Waiver Wire Steals